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This application is designed to enable individuals who have sufferred a loss to understand the distribution of assets amongs family members.

Before we start this process, the following requirements must have been complied with:

  1. You must have been elected has a Masters Representative by the Master in the correct jurisdiction.
  2. You must know the details of the deceased.
  3. You must have the approaved value of the deceased. (This would have been communicated to you by the master and the appraiser of the estate).
  4. The deceased must have passed without a will.
  5. Please note that if there are children you will need to provide their ID or passport numbers. If the children are adopted, legal evidence will be asked for.
  6. Spouse's must be able to provide legal and valid marriage certificates.

Please note that if you do not have the required documents, the "continue later" button can be used to return back to this process and continue where you left off.

Please note that this application was made avaliable by a student at Swansea Univerity for a Masters project and is ONLY intended for educational purposes. In no way is this applicaiton intended to be used to provide specific legal advice or information. By using this applicaiton you understand that this applicaiton is not intended for private or public use. This application should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed professional attorney in your country.